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Here at Class 1 Orthodontics, we love working with the latest in orthodontic technology, so we are incredibly excited to be one of the first orthodontic practices in Western Australia to use dental monitoring. This technology enables us to monitor your treatment via your smartphone. Can you see why we’re excited?

What is dental monitoring?

Dental monitoring is used in conjunction with most orthodontic appliances. The system enables you to photograph your teeth using your smartphone and upload the images to an app which our specialist orthodontists can view. These photos are viewed by a patented algorithm known as DM GoLive which can identify if your appliance isn’t fitting correctly.

This is important for the success of your treatment. If your braces or aligners become unseated they are not working to their full capacity to move your teeth into position, thus prolonging and affecting your treatment journey.


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Tracking the movement of your teeth

The dental monitoring algorithm works using a 3D model of your teeth. Our specialist orthodontists can view the images you have sent through of your teeth and compare them with the 3D model to ensure they align. If they don’t, we know your appliance isn’t sitting correctly or working as it should. If that’s the case, we’ll suggest you come in for an appointment to make sure we don’t delay your treatment.

If the photos show your teeth are moving in the correct position, then there’s no need for you to stop by.

Benefits of dental monitoring

  • We can all view the progress of your teeth in real time
  • The photos are easy to take and the software is compatible with most iPhones and Androids
  • The results are extremely accurate which enables us to monitor your treatment more accurately
  • It can save treatment time and trips to the orthodontist
  • It works on a range of appliances, including fixed braces, lingual braces and Invisalign

To find out more about dental monitoring and how it could benefit you, book a free consultation with our team at Class 1 Orthodontics today. We can’t wait to start you on your journey to a new smile.

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